“Through The Window” Blog Posts

Why is this page of the website called “Through the Window”?

costume malfunction

Inspired by the famous window cameos of the Batman TV series.

These blog posts are intended to be about the TV series and films;

  • represented in the world of Batman 66 by Window cameos & Crossovers (excluding Green Hornet which will appear in the main blog section from time to time) 
  • included in the Arrowverse
  • adapted from DC Comics’ characters

and the creative individuals involved with all the above.

As I am using the same website as my other blog posts, the formatting for these blog posts will be different. At the bottom of this page you will see a bar of page numbers. 

This Introduction will always be Page 1 on that bar, with Page 2 being the first blog post, Page 3 being the next, Page 4 being the one after that and so on….

As I intend on posting more “Through the Window” Blog Content I have included a Page Contents list with links here for ease of use;

Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Spotlight On…Live Action Black Canary (Spotlight On…Volume Nine) [Published 21st July 2020]