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The 1966 Batmobile – The Ultimate 1966 Batmobile Resource

Fiberglass Freaks – Batmobile Replicas

Nock Entertainment Group Inc. – The Original Batcopter available for Events

Karl Kirchner Presents….The Black Beauty

People (Official Websites) 

Adam West (Batman)

Art Carney (The Archer)

Bruce Lee (Kato)

Gentle Giants Dog Food (Burt Ward [Robin] and Tracy Ward’s Dog Food Company)

Cliff Robertson (Shame)

Donna Loren (Susie The Cheerleader, Joker’s Moll)

Eartha Kitt (Catwoman III)

Edy Williams (Hostess for Catwoman’s Restaurant/Rae, Finger’s Moll)

Dame Joan Collins (The Siren)

Julie Newmar (Catwoman I)

Lee Meriwether (Catwoman II)

Leslie Parrish (Dawn Robbins/Glacia Glaze, Mr Freeze III’s Moll)

Malachi Throne (False Face)

Nelson Riddle (Composer of Seasons 1 and 2 Score)

Rudy Vallee (Lord Marmaduke Ffogg)

Sid Haig (King Tut’s Royal Apothecary)

Terry Moore (Venus, The Joker’s Moll)

Vincent Price (Egghead)

Yvonne Craig (Batgirl)

To prevent this page from being almost endless, I have decided only to include links to pages of Vehicles from the show, and People who were involved in the show.

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These blog posts whilst possibly of interest will also highlight why I have limited this links page quite strictly.