Welcome to The Bat Spray Blog! I have set this blog up to show appreciation, discuss news and share random thoughts about the Batman TV Show and its related media. I hope to upload something quite regularly whether I’m discussing specific projects, commenting on new projects, delving into obscure media or even discussing various memorabilia or ephemera I happen to pick up or even those already in my collection.

I have added a Facebook page to accompany this blog. On the official Facebook page for my blog I will share my blog posts, things of interest about the TV series or related to the TV series, whether it’s something I have come up with that is too short to be a blog post or whether it is something I’ve found that I feel like sharing with fans of the page.

On this Facebook page I have “Batman 66 Merch Monday” where I share a piece from my Batman 66  collection, and also “Batman 66 Thespian Thursday” where I highlight the performance of someone from either the Batman TV series or one of its connected projects. The Facebook page is also the best place to contact me in regards to this website.


Index of Blog Posts 

1 Welcome

2 Batman vs Two-Face Trailer Thoughts

3 Suicide Squad – The 66 Connection

4 Chill of the Night! Adam West is Batman….’s Dad!

5 The Day I Met Batman

6 Happy Batman/Harley Quinn Day

7 What’s Coming in 2018 for Shark Repellent Bat Spray Blog?

8 My Thoughts on Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders

9 One Year On: Adam West is Batman

10 Day 1 of Bat-Holiday

11 Batman 66 Visual Media List [Updated many times since initial posting]

12 Batman 66 Connected Universe [Updated many times since initial posting]

13 Batwoman/Batman 66 Issue 2: Chandell’s Chanteuse Review

14 Batman 66 Comics Guide [Updated many times since initial posting]

15 Burt in Crisis!

16 2019 in Batman 66

17 Who’s Been In The Batmobile?

18 Superman – The Batman 66 Connection

19 12 Seconds on Earth 66: An In-Depth Look

20 Batman 66: Ranking the Villains!

21 Batman 66 “Items That Don’t Exist” Wish List

22 Spotlight On…James Brolin (Spotlight On…Volume One)

23 Spotlight On…Milton Berle (Spotlight On…Volume Two)

24 Explaining Away The Contradictions

25 From the Makers of Batman: Greenway Productions

26 5 Great Burt Ward Robin Moments (Celebrating 80 Years Of Robin)

27 Ranking the Heroes

28 Batman 66: The Narrators

29 The Ranking And The Legacy Of The Window Cameos

30 Titans: The Batman 66 Connection

31 Spotlight On…The Catwomen (Spotlight On…Volume Three)

32 Alien Presence in Batman 66 (Happy Earth Day!)

33 Songs in Batman 66

34 Spotlight On…False Face (and Blaze!) (Spotlight On…Volume Four)

35 Spotlight On…The Joker (Spotlight On…Volume Five)

36 Never Again! (Villains Who Haven’t Been Seen Since The Batman TV Series)

37 Back For More! Reprising The Role After The TV Series Ended!

38 “The Catwoman of Earth”: An In-Depth Look

39 Spotlight On…The Riddler (Spotlight On…Volume Six)

40 The Lego Batman Movie: Batman 66 Connection

41 Biopics (& Similar) of Batman 66 Actors

42 Spotlight On…Van Williams (Spotlight On…Volume Seven)[Green Hornet Takeover Week]