Titans: The Batman 66 Connection

Titans airs in America on the streaming service DC Universe and in other countries on Netflix.

Titans focuses on a variety of DC Comics characters, but mostly;
Robin/Dick Grayson
Raven/Rachel Roth
Beast Boy/Garfield Logan

Brenton Thwaites is the first person to bring Dick Grayson to life in live action Television since Burt Ward did it back in 1966! Whilst his interpretation is very different, from outlook, attitude and even in terms of bad language, there are connections between the two TV series.

Brenton and Burt

Other than the obvious, of shared characters i.e. Batman and Robin, and other than references and mentions to shared characters such as The Joker and Alfred there are a few connections in Titans to the original Batman TV series, and one that’s not quite either, yet both at the same time!

Titans: Season 1 Episode 2: Hawk and Dove (19th October 2018)
In this episode we see a contacts list in Dick Grayson’s phone.
Titans Bonnie
one of the names is Bonnie Linseed.

[My apologies for the blurry screenshot above, but Dick scrolls through his phone at such a speed that this was the best I could get]

Early on in Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet Issue 1 we see that Dick Grayson is getting ready for a date with Bonnie Linseed, niece of Mayor Linseed,

Batman 66 Bonnie

a date which he unfortunately has to leave part way through so that he can answer the call of Justice!

Batman 66 Bonnie 2

Titans: Season 2 Episode 7: Bruce Wayne (18th October 2019)
In this episode, Dick Grayson’s critical inner voice is presenting itself as a vision of Bruce Wayne (as portrayed by Iain Glen). In his pursuit of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Dick goes to a club to get answers that could help him, and during this he sees his version of Bruce dancing at the club, this dance having certain similarities to Adam West’s Batusi from the 60s series’ first episode: Hi Diddle Riddle.


Titans: Season 2 Episode 11: E.L._.O. (15th November 2019)
In this episode, Dove is changing radio stations and settles on You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore. The character can actually hear it in this instance, but this is the same song used in the film Suicide Squad when Harley Quinn is in her cage (something which I discussed previously on my Suicide Squad Connection post) Lesley Gore appeared in Batman as Catwoman’s protege, Pussycat in the episodes That Darn Catwoman and Scat, Darn Catwoman (Batman: Season 2 Episodes 40 & 41).

Dawn of PussycatPussycat

Supergirl: Season 5 Episode 9: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part One (8th December 2019)

In the introduction to this episode we see the Arrowverse’s multiverse includes other DC TV shows and movies, amongst them we see Titans takes place on Earth 9, and the Batman TV series on Earth 66. So, though not quite sharing a continuity, Titans and Batman are both represented within the same Multiverse.

To watch intro to Crisis On Infinite Earths Part One click here

Titans is confirmed to have been renewed for a 3rd Season, scheduled for some time this year, 2020.

Who knows if there’ll be any more Batman 66 references to come?

Remember to Tune in

Same Titans Time,

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