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Batman 66 Connected Universe (Updated: 6 Jun 2020)

So, Batman/Batman 66 was made as its own artistic endeavour back in 1965.

In the vein of the connected DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), if we look at Batman The TV Show and the connected Batman 66 comics there’s quite the extensive connected universe;

This is just for fun, and hopefully you’ll find these connections both proper and loose interesting.

Here goes the Batman 66 Connected Universe or B66CU!

6th June 2020 Update: Upon discovery of a crossover that would’ve opened up a massive can of worms in terms of this blog post I have decided that nothing that’s more than 2 degrees of separation from the source, either Batman TV series or Batman 66 comics will be counted from here on out

for example;

Source: Batman 66
1st degree: Wonder Woman 77 (through comic crossover with Batman 66)
2nd degree: The Bionic Woman (through comic crossover with Wonder Woman 77)
3rd degree: Six Million Dollar Man (Parent TV Show of The Bionic Woman)

This has been done to avoid something akin to The  Tommy Westphall Universe Theory as this was never my intention for this blog post;

Green Hornet (1966-1967)/Green Hornet 66 — This is the easy one. Batman and Green Hornet has been connected on a few occasions.

The Milton Berle Show: Season 1: Episode 2 — There’s a sketch in which Milton Berle (who would go on to play Leftie and Louie the Lilac) portrays an actor portraying a villain on both Batman and Green Hornet during which both shows get entangled.

Batman: Season 2 Episode 7: The Spell Of Tut — Green Hornet and Kato appear in a window cameo, during which Batman and Robin seem aware of them and their true allegiance despite them posing as villains, which is at odds with future meetings.

Batman: Season 2 Episode 21: The Impractical Joker —- Green Hornet mentioned as TV show

Green Hornet Episode 13: Secret of the Sally Bell: A crook is watching Batman on the TV  (whilst the footage is generic and often repeated footage, at one point during the scene we do hear a snippet of the Riddler’s theme in the background)

Green Hornet Episode 20: Green Hornet checks the CCTV system in Britt Reid’s residence and instead of CCTV footage it’s footage of Batman and Robin climbing the side of a building

Batman: Season 2 Episodes 51 and 52: A Piece of the Action/Batman’s Satisfaction — The two-part crossover during which we see Green Hornet and Kato in Gotham.

Batman 66 Meets The Green Hornet — The six part comic mini-series which reunites our four heroes.

The Spirit — The original run of The Spirit is canonised by The Green Hornet 66 Meets The Spirit six part mini series

The Steve Allen Show — The character Jose Jiminez pops his head out during a window cameo (in Season 2 Episode 1: The Yegg Foes in Gotham). The character was created for the Steve Allen Show, a variety show, by actor Bill Dana. The character would appear on various shows, both traditional sitcoms, and variety shows, listed below;

Swinging Spiketaculars, The Spike Jones Show, The Danny Thomas Show (Original Title: Make Room for Daddy), The Bill Dana Show, The Red Skelton Show, I Want My Mummy, The Hollywood Palace, The Ed Sullivan Show

The Felony Squad — Detective Seargent Sam Stone, the lead character of the show pops his head out of the window during a window cameo (in Season 2 Episode 21: The Impractical Joker) (Side Note: Sam Stone is played by Howard Duff who would go on to portray Cabala in the penultimate episode of the entire show “The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra)

Judd, for the Defense — The final episode of The Felony Squad is a crossover with Judd, for the Defense.

Judd, for the Defense also had an episode which was a  crossover with The Felony Squad (Season 2, Episode 17: The Law and Order Blues), returning the favour as it were.

Hogan’s Heroes — This one doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Colonel Klink pops his head out of the window during the window cameo of an episode. Mentioning stuff from the TV show Hogan’s Heroes which is unusual considering Batman is purportedly in 1966-1968 and Hogan’s Heroes is set during World War II (1939-1945). (This is in Season 2 Episode 26: It’s How You Play The Game)

The Addams Family (1964-1966) — Lurch pops his head out the window. (in Season 2 Episode 27: The Penguin’s Nest)

The Monkees — Burgess Meredith, though uncredited, and without the prosthetic nose is clearly supposed to be the Penguin in an episode of The Monkees TV Show, Season 2 Episode 25: Monkees Blow Their Minds

Dracula — Not one particular version but Dracula pops his head out of the window in Batman 66 Issue 1.

Lost in Space (1965-1968) — In Issue 14 of the Batman 66 comic series whilst the Bat-Robot is doing the famous wall climb, Dr. Smith pops his head out of the window talking about tomorrow’s space expedition, referring to the events in episode one of the TV show Lost in Space. The design is a clear take on the classic Jonathan Harris interpretation of the character.

The Creeper — Although not one particular version, Jack Ryder appears as a reporter in the last issue of the main Batman 66 comic series.

Shazam!/Captain Marvel — Although not one particular version, Billy Batson appears as a young child among the reporters in the final issue.

Superman (1952-1958) — Finally in the last issue of the main series we see Perry White, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen all appear in the window cameo, and later on the Man of Steel himself appears in the aforementioned reporter “scene” along with all the other blink and miss it cameos.

Side Note: There’s a hint to Superman in Season 2: Episode 4: The Cat and the Fiddle, where Chief

O’Hara, Commissioner Gordon and Batman, do a take on the old catchphrase when they say

Look! Up there! Are they birds? Are they planes? No they’re cat burglars!

With a few of the characters listed above, especially Superman, and Wonder Woman’s discussion with Batman of “forming a league of our own”, we have an obvious hint of a Justice League, something which hasn’t happened in the series or comics but would be interesting to see on paper.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964-1968)— This TV show is canonised by Batman 66 Meets The Man from U.N.C.L.E. six part mini series. (Side note: Whilst it is noted in the back of the Batman 66 Meets the Man from U.N.C.L.E. graphic novel that the artists were going for a generic look in terms of the two main characters, it seems logical that they were going for the 60s interpretation of the characters in terms of story)

The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. — This spin-off comes from The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Please Don’t Eat The Daisies — This TV show features a crossover episode, Season 1 Episode 18: Say Uncle, which features the main characters from The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Get Smart (1965-1970) — This show features the character Grobnik who used to work for T.H.R.U.S.H. who are the arch nemeses of U.N.C.L.E. (This is in Season 3 Episode 26: The Reluctant Redhead)

The Avengers (1961-1969)/Steed and Mrs. Peel — This is canonised by the Batman 66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel six part mini series. The name Steed and Mrs. Peel comes from the copyright issue with the name The Avengers.

The New Avengers — The New Avengers is the spin-off/continuation of the Avengers.

Wonder Woman (1975-1979)/Wonder Woman 77 — This TV show and by extension its companion comic book series Wonder Woman 77 is canonised for two reasons.

1- There is the six part mini series Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 77

2- Within the six part mini series 6th issue, there’s an editor’s reference notice, referring to a story point featured in the Wonder Woman 77 Special #3, so outside of a one-time team up this shows us that the story points in Wonder Woman 77 are in the same fictional world.

(As a side note, here is a small article from detailing how we nearly had Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman in Batman vs Two Face)

The Bionic Woman (1976-1978)/The Bionic Woman Season Four — This TV show and by extension its companion comic book series The Bionic Woman Season Four are connected by the six part comic mini series Wonder Woman 77 Meets The Bionic Woman.

The Legion of the Superheroes — Whilst no particular iteration of the group is 100% canonised, we do have a version of the group connected with the one-shot comic book Batman 66 Meets The Legion of the Superheroes

Martian Manhunter — Again not a specific interpretation of the character but Martian Manhunter is spotted in one page of the Batman 66 Meets The Legion of the Superheroes one-shot comic.

The Wanderers — The Wanderers, again whilst not one particular version, are brought into this connected universe with the mention of the character Celebrand. The Wanderers being in the same fictional universe as The Legion of the Superheroes.

Archie Comics— A version of Archie comics is canonised by the Archie Meets Batman 66 comic mini-series

Arrowverse (2012- )- A term initially used to describe a few connected TV Shows that started with Arrow, thanks to cameo appearances and/or crossovers has gone on to either retroactively or simply establish many TV shows or films as also being within the multiverse of the Arrowverse. With Dick Grayson’s appearance on the 5-Way Crossover event “Crisis on Infinite Earths” this established the world of the Batman TV Show as being set on Earth 66 of the Arrowverse. Due to this Batman now is, by logical extension connected to the following TV Shows, Web Series and Films under the Arrowverse; 
Earth 1: Arrow (2012-2020), The Flash (2014-), Constantine (2014-2015), Vixen (2015-2017), Legends of Tomorrow (2016-), Batwoman (2019-)
Earth 9: Titans (2018- ), Doom Patrol (2019- )
Earth 38: Supergirl (2015-)
Earth 76: Wonder Woman (1975-1979)
Earth 89: Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Batman Forever (1995), Batman and Robin (1997), Catwoman (2004)
Earth 90: The Flash (1990-1991)
Earth 96: Superman (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), Supergirl (1984), Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987), Superman Returns (2006)
Earth 167: Smallville (2001-2011)
Earth 203: Birds of Prey (2002-2003)
Earth 666: Lucifer (2016-)
Earth F: Fleischer Studios’ and Famous Studios’ Superman 
Earth X: Freedom Fighters: The Ray (2017)
Unknown Earth: Black Lightning (2018- )

At the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 3, the multiverse was destroyed, and then reconstituted again at the end of Part 5, thus establishing new Earths, meaning that new numbering, and new Earths that Batman 66 is now connected to, are as follows;
Earth Prime: Arrow (2012-2020), The Flash (2014-), Supergirl (2015-), Legends of Tomorrow (2016-), Black Lightning (2018-) and Batwoman (2019-)… and the upcoming TV show Superman and Lois (2020)
Earth 2: Stargirl (2020-)
Earth 9: Titans (2018- )
Earth 12: Green Lantern (2011)
Earth 19: Swamp Thing (2019)
Earth 21: Doom Patrol (2019-)
Earth 96: Superman (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), Supergirl (1984), Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987), Superman Returns (2006)
Unknown: (DCEU) Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Suicide Squad (2016), Wonder Woman (2017), Justice League (2017), Aquaman (2018), Shazam! (2019), Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020), (Upcoming Films Announced for 2020-2022) Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, The Suicide Squad, Black Adam, Shazam! 2, The Flash, Aquaman 2


In addition to the the TV series, films and literature listed above…


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