Day 1 of Bat-Holiday

3 months later is better than never, here is my blog post for Day 1 of my Bat-Holiday, more to come…hopefully sooner than later!

I have included some non-Batman 66, but still Batman, information here as it may still be of interest and to separate everything out wouldn’t tell the whole story of the holiday

March 12th-March 13th: Hollywood Walk of Fame
As I stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel I was actually staying on Hollywood Boulevard. So to go anywhere of interest, or that we had planned to go to, required walking up and down the Boulevard. Apart from Adam West’s star I hadn’t confirmed locations for any of the other Batman 66 and Batman in general, related Hollywood stars that I came across on the walk of fame. I regret I did not make note of where each star was as I now in hindsight realise providing those of you reading this blog post with locations would have been helpful (I will recall some If as and where I can) for your own potential excursions to Hollywood, but I can assure you, simply walk up and down the boulevard and you will come across plenty of Batman related Hollywood stars, that’s what I did, apart from Adam West, all the other stars I am going to tell you about were found completely by chance, and a lot of looking down! I have tried to list these stars in the order that they first joined the franchise of Batman;

Pre-TV Show
Like I said previously, the only star I had ascertained the location for was Adam West (outside Guinness World Records). It just so happened that the man synonymous with the caped crusader is just above (or just below, dependant on perspective!), the man who for more years than Adam West has been synonymous with Batman, Co-Creator Bob Kane.
That’s right, Princess Leia’s Mum! This was one of those instances I was glad of my reserves of geeky knowledge. Whilst not a part of a Batman project in her own career, she starred in a film called It Started With A Kiss in 1959. This film featured the 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept Car that would later go on to be customised by George Barris and become the Batmobile. So in essence Debbie Reynolds was one of the first people to sit in the Batmobile on screen as her character Maggie Putnam.

Season One
The composer for Batman’s first two series and its movie. Taken over in the third season by Billy May who had previously composed music for Batman’s sister show The Green Hornet.
The one star I had specifically sought out the location for, as I knew my time in Hollywood would be somewhat busy, I thought, if I can only see one star, then it has to be Adam West’s. This was before I had any concept of the scope of Hollywood Boulevard and how close the stars were and before I’d properly looked into just how many Batman related stars there are on the hollywood walk of fame! This is the only star I have specifically stopped to pose with, all the others, I was fine with simply a photo of the star, but this one meant/means the most to me. Thanks to the DVD release Family Guy: The Best Of and the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Starring Adam West, it feels like this was the culmination of a geeky expedition of mine, much like the whole Hollywood portion of my holiday! Family Guy: The Best Of includes in its special features the ceremony, including the special guest speakers, of Adam West getting his star. Starring Adam West, directed by Adam’s son-in-law, documents the process Ralph Garman and Nina West (Adam’s daughter, and wife of the director) underwent to get Adam the star, and documents Adam’s journey to and from and back to stardom.
One of many stars on this walk that have left an indelible impact on the Batman franchise with their astounding character, but whom I dare say were probably not selected for their work in Batman, being a big star in his own right prior to his involvement in Batman. Though various people have stepped into the role, it is only Neil Hamilton that represents Commissioner Gordon on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Again, possibly not for his contributions to Batman, but The first live-action Penguin is enshrined on the walk of fame, Mickey from the Rocky films, may be a more enduring legacy for him in some people’s eyes, but to me, one of the smaller but more mentally formidable of Batman’s foes is how he’ll always be seen!
One of a few Batman related performers to have two stars on the Hollywood Walk of fame. He is represented by a star for his work on film and a star for his work on TV. One of only two actors to have portrayed the Joker on TV and film, I’ll get to the other one in a bit!
The first-ever live-action Mr. Freeze and one of many former husbands of Zsa Zsa Gabor, Minerva. One of a few Batman performers who have been honoured with two stars on the walk of fame. In this instance, motion pictures and television.
The one woman to play two villainous roles in the show, unlike some people on this list has only one star on the walk of fame, and it’s for Motion Pictures, so, although not being acknowledged on the walk, both Zelda The Great and Olga, Queen of the Cossacks are honoured with a star.
A man who played distinguished oh so well. Appeared as King Boris in the 2nd Riddler story, and in his final role Commodore Schmiddlap in Batman: The Movie.
Probably known better for his voice, Gary Owens appeared in Batman and The Green Hornet, as announcers, newscasters, commentators and roles of that ilk, a reliable informative voice.
The Bookworm, Roddy McDowall, probably more recognised,ironically, for his work under various masks, in the Planet of the Apes franchise.
The first ever window camero, Jerry Lewis, coincidentally the last window cameo performer to depart this world of the big belfry in the sky when he passed away last year.

Season Two
Batman’s resident Robin Hood, the villainous Archer.
The Minstrel, to, is represented on the boulevard. One of a few musical villains, the others of whom I will get to later!
Though his star obviously shone brighter in other projects, Bruce Lee appeared as the Green Hornet’s sidekick Kato, and reprised that role in a window cameo, a full-fledged crossover story and in a skit on The Milton Berle Show, all alongside Van Williams’ Green Hornet.
A man who had various run ins with the caped crusader during the TV show’s run (but that’s a blog post for another day!). Best known as Louie The Lilac, Mr. Television himself, is remembered through two stars on the Hollywood walk of fame, appropriately one for TV and one for radio.
The man who was the special guest villain(s) in the two most highly rated episodes of Batman during its initial run. Liberace played two (three?) roles as Chandell (also known as Fingers), and his evil brother Harry. You know he’s evil because his clothes are darker, he smokes and his voice is deeper!
The one-time, and seemingly definitive, at least in terms of merchandise, Mr. Freeze and renowned Director, Otto Preminger.
Batman’s cowboy adversary, Shame. A man who would go on to play a bigger role in the story of another superhero, as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben in the 2002 film.

Season Three
Lorelei Circe, aka The Siren, and Godmother to Suicide Squad’s Cara Delevingne, another Batman-related temptress, is unfortunately the most obscured of all of my Hollywood stars, as there was someone selling their artworks on the floor near her star, and someone selling something else on a table, right next to her star.
The Penguin’s cohort in one of his many Season 3 stories, where she played Lulu Schultz, although preferred to be known as Lola Lasagne.
Clearly a riff on his most famous role, Alan Hale Junior appears as a character called Gilligan in the episode “The Ogg and I”, as he played the Skip in Gilligan’s Island.
Not the only Catwoman on the walk of fame, but the only one from Batman 66, she is recognised on the walk, not for her TV contributions, but her contributions to the music industry.
Former wife of the first ever Mr. Freeze, George Sanders, and the woman to play the last villain that appeared on Batman, Minerva.

Post-TV Show
A production company with a history, or at least a hand-in in various Batman and related projects, including the various Superfriends series, The New Scooby Doo Movies and Scooby Doo and Batman: The Brave and The Bold.
Though when we think of Adam West’s Batman, we think of Burt Ward’s Robin, it is worth remembering Casey Kasem’s contribution to the character in The Adventures of Batman and Robin alongside Olan Soule, and as Robin in various Superfriends series including the two series in which Adam West portrayed Batman.
Although it was 21 years later, the next actor to play Batman in live-action after Adam West,not counting those that doubled for Adam.
The Joker, from the 1989 Batman movie.
40 years after the first, Kim Basinger portrays Vikki Vale in the 1989 Batman Movie.
One of only two Penguins on the walk of fame.
One of a few of the actors to have portrayed Two-Face represented on the walk.
A bit more than a cameo role, but not of much note, but Drew Barrymore portrayed Sugar, of Sugar and Spice, Two-Face’s Molls in the film Batman Forever, with Drew representing Two-Face’s good side.
Aside from various references to Batman over the years. The Simpsons has featured Adam West alongside the 60s Batmobile in the Season 4 episode “Mr. Plow”, and shows a fictionalised episode of Batman as though their character Krusty The Clown had played a villain, in Season 14’s episode “Large Marge”, complete with Adam West voicing Batman and Burt Ward voicing Robin.
Alfred Pennyworth to many due to his various appearances in animated Batman features.
A man with an astonishing amount of Batman appearances once you actually look into it. Best known to a lot of people as Luke Skywalker, but to Batman fans as The Joker, one of the more recent additions to the walk. Mark has even worked with Adam West’s Batman, in the student film Batman: New Times. Certainly a project worth checking out on YouTube!
Presumably portraying herself (as she is simply credited as Special Guest Star: Betty White), Betty White appears as a window cameo in a scene from Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt. Whilst window cameos are in-keeping with the TV show that Return to the Batcave is a biopic/lampoon of, Betty White herself never appeared in the TV show.
A star that many would’ve been fine for me to skip by in this list. I initially had a problem with my phone and the photo wouldn’t take properly, so I went back the next day and got it. Halle Berry, the woman who “won” and accepted her Golden Raspberry Award in person for Worst Actress in Catwoman.
Another contributor, to what many would point to as the worst cinematic outing in Batman history, Laurel Hedare, from Catwoman. Although nominated, Sharon did not “win” worst supporting actress that year for her role in Catwoman.
The Composer for the Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Lucius Fox in the critically acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy. Morgan Freeman actually has another Batman connection. He portrays Vitruvius in The Lego Movie, alongside various characters including Will Arnett’s Batman.
The easiest star for me to find as her star is almost right outside the front entrance of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Senator Finch from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Amanda Waller from Suicide Squad.
Captain Kirk to many people, but one of the more recent interpretations of Harvey Dent/Two-Face with lending his voice to Batman vs Two-Face alongside Adam West’s Batman, Burt Ward’s Robin and Julie Newmar’s Catwoman.
Bare with me on this one! Back in 1998 Nicolas Cage was going to be part of a film called Superman Lives!, this film would ended up going through a few different production stages and directors and writers, of whom I will not go into here, as there is a documentary about it called The Death of Superman Lives! which will explain it in far greater detail than I am able to or care to in this form. The project ended up not happening, but 20 years later in 2018, in fact a day or two before I went to America. It was announced that Nicolas Cage would finally be portraying Superman in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

On Hollywood Boulevard there was and is The Chinese Theater, an element of the journey which initially didnt hold much significance to me and on the first day was not accessible to me as it was shut off for the Tomb Raider premiere.
The next day we were able to look at the Chinese Theater and realised that directly in front of it there are Hand and feet impressions in the cement, and below here are the Batman related ones;

Chinese Theater Hand and Feet Impressions
The Minstrel in the classic series
One of Rob Reiner’s first roles was as a delivery boy in the episode The Penguin Declines
The Director of Batman (1989) and Batman Returns and the Producer of Batman Forever
Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns.
The Joker/Jack Napier in Batman (1989)
Max Shreck from Batman Returns
Batman from Batman and Robin (1997)
Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin (1997)
The Director of the Dark Knight Trilogy
Deadshot in Suicide Squad
Two-Face in Batman vs Two-Face
Superman in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Though most of this information has been recalled from my own memory and knowledge, the following are sources I have used to verify, double-check and research anything I didn’t previously know or was not 100% sure of.

NOTE: There are more Batman related stars on the Boulevard that I did not come across this post focuses only on the ones I saw

The Official Batman Batbook by Joel Eisner
Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt
Independent (Lyle Talbot Obituary)

Due to various problems trying to upload the photos of my walk along the boulevard, I have chosen to only include the photos of Adam West’s star

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