What’s Coming in 2018 for Shark Repellent Bat Spray Blog?

I am aware I haven’t posted here in a few months and I want to get back to posting a lot more regularly, reading and watching so many good Batman blog pages recently has prompted me to get back on with this with more gusto.

With this in mind what is coming from this blog?

On and Off I have been working on two larger posts;

One is a review/my thoughts on Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, the Animated feature from 2016 that reunited Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar for the 50th Anniversary of the TV show’s inauguration in 1966. I am hesitant to refer to it as a review as I do not consider myself to be coming at this as impartial as I will gladly watch anything with any passing relation to Batman 66! Having said that if I find something to be lacking or poor I do not shy away from it.

The other is a post I have toyed with back and forth in regards to formatting and presentation. This post looks at the connected universe of Batman 66, drawing into it the obvious, such as The Green Hornet crossover episodes, and the less obvious such as window cameos featured in the Batman 66 comics published from 2013-2017, which are set to be collected in an Omnibus edition later this year! Due to the cumbersome nature of this post it may get separated to become more digestible, but I do endeavour to post it sooner rather than later.

That’s what I already somewhat have in the tank.

With this past Christmas I have now acquired every available DVD and Blu-Ray in which Adam West portrays Batman, every book I can find that states its main focus as Batman 66, every documentary that does so, and I have gotten closer to completing my Batman 66 soundtrack collection too. So I intend on doing a lot more in the way of reviews and perhaps even lists if that is something that people would like to see/read or if it is something that comes naturally.

This year is going to be a Bat-tastic year for me in my personal/social life too.

I turn 30 years old on March 5th this year. On March 6th I shall be going under the needle and having my first ever tattoo. In response to this I intend to do a blog post about the experience and reasons behind the Bat-tat!

Also, for the first time in 12 years I will be going on a holiday that takes me out of England.

During this holiday I will be undertaking a variety of Batman activities, most, if not all, of which will be Batman 66 related.

I will be visiting the Bronson Caves located in Griffith Park, the actual cave where we see Batman and Robin blasting out in the Batmobile in early moments of every story.

I will be taking in the Hollywood Walk of Fame which includes various Batman related stars, but most importantly the star that Adam West was finally awarded in 2012.

I am lucky, as my holiday has lined up perfectly to get to see Hollywood Museum’s Holy Hollywood History: A Batman ’66 Retrospective, so I will be taking that in too.

So whether this blog becomes a travel-blog of sorts for a week, or whether I do one or a few retrospective blogs when I get back, I can assure you I will be blogging about my holiday in all its Bat-glory!

At the moment this blog is still text based but with so much visual stuff coming I feel that either accompanying videos may soon come or perhaps in some instances I may post a video rather than write out a blog post. However things develop, I look forward to sharing more Batman 66 information and appreciation with you all.

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